MISE EN ABYME - Crimini d'Odio

Mise En Abyme‬ is the new project by Cristian Naldi (already in FulKanelli and Ronin) and Giovanni Lami (sound artist with releases on Kohlhaas, Felt and Granny Records). Two different backgrounds and attitudes to create something new, one and constantly evolving.

GRØN - Indland

Grøn is the solo project of Bjarke Rasmussen, also owner and founder of the Infinite Waves label. The project is almost three years old now and has four releases under its belt.


UMANZUKI - PORTA from Yerevan Tapes on Vimeo.

Video by Alexander Binder


Umanzuki is the youngest act to emerge from the current Italian Occult Psychedelia milieu. What was born as some sort of exotic free-jazz combo with the Sonic Birds EP, quickly developed into Tropical Nature Of Tiaso, a 35 minute-long improvisation built upon minimal electronics, diluted sounds and reduced synthetic rhythm.